The Creative House: How to Apply Danish Oil to Wood Countertops

Wood countertops in the kitchen have advantages. Many people like the fact that they are made from a natural material, lending an earthy look to the kitchen. The wood grain is an attractive texture. Wood countertops are also durable. Stains and marks can be removed by simply sanding the area and re-oiling. These are available in various thicknesses and types of wood. Generally, the thicker the counter top, the more expensive it will be. It will cost from $50 to $200 per square foot depending on the grade of wood and thickness.

The process of sealing or oiling wood countertops should begin right after they are installed. Lightly sand all exposed surfaces of the countertop. Wear a ventilating mask to keep from breathing the dust. Then, remove all the excess dust with a brush and vacuum cleaner so that the countertop is clean.

The next step is applying Danish Oil. Follow all the instructions and safety precautions on the package, which will call for adequate ventilation and wearing protective gloves. Apply a thin even coat of Danish oil methodically, section by section, over the countertop. I have tried both a brush and cloth and have found that a clean, soft cloth works best. Importantly, wipe away all the excess oil, so that it just soaks evenly into the countertop. This should give the countertop an even sheen.

Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly according to drying times listed on the container of Danish oil. This is typically around eight to ten hours. It’s important that the surface be thoroughly dry for the next step.

Applying a second coat of Danish oil will give your countertops extra sheen. First, lightly sand the whole surface of the countertop for the second time. Again, brush away dust so that the countertop is dry and clean. Make sure that the countertop has dried thoroughly from the first coat of oil; otherwise you will have trouble sanding it.

Next, apply a second light coat of Danish oil, wiping away excess with a soft cloth. The effect of applying a second coat will be a rich, warm glow. Once the second coat of Danish oil is completely dry, you can buff the surface of your countertop with a clean soft cloth. This will give you gleaming countertops.

Repeating this process periodically will keep your countertops looking good as new.


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