What to Expect During a Building Inspection in Gold Coast

Having a building inspection carried out on a property you are interested in buying is a crucial step you have to take before making a purchase. This is usually carried out by a professional known as a building inspector. They carry out a detailed check of the structures within the home to see for any signs of rot and damage. The damage could be due to a variety of reasons. Once they have assessed the property, the inspector would write a detailed report based upon their findings.

Often a buyer can be swayed by a home because of its aesthetic appeal or it may perhaps appeal to their sentiments. This makes them think they have found the perfect home and are eager to sign the contract. However, it is only later on that they discover there was a certain problem with the property which they should have known before moving in or making renovations. In order to avoid any nasty surprises a building inspection should be carried out before the exchange of the sale deed.

The building inspector writes the report on the current condition of the building. This report helps buyers make a wise decision.

Interior inspection 

A home inspector carries out the interior inspection in the following ways

  • They would check the interior of the home and look for cracks and holes within the wall
  • They would note whether these cracks are due to pet problems or some other reasons
  • The ceilings and walls re checked too to rule out the presence of mold or dampness from the roof.
  • Windows and blinds are checked for structural damage.
  • Assess the electrical system of the building which includes a look at the power points, cabling, HVAC system etc.
  • They also assess the plumbing system and observe if the drainage system is working well or not.

Exterior inspection

  • The condition of the gates and fences are checked.
  • A complete check of the garden is checked out to look for the presence of poisonous plants or harmful critters.
  • They would look for signs of rot in the outside structure of the home if there are any present like the patio or a pergola.
  • External cables and power points are checked thoroughly to rule out instances of fire hazards.
  • Check the external walls for the presence of damp or mold.

Once the inspection has been carried out the inspector would take two or three days to come up with an inspection report. The buyer would then make an informed decision regarding the buying of the property.

When hiring a building inspector make sure you hire someone who is experienced and reliable. It’s always better to hire an inspector who is unbiased. Avoid hiring a building inspector suggested by the estate agent. In fact go through the yellow pages and look for Gold Coast’s KTS building and pest inspections. You could also get references from someone who may have recently purchased a property and hired someone to inspect their home.


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