Understanding the different kinds of house builders in Brisbane

The varied types of house builders in Brisbane make it imperative for new home buyers to know their differences. House builders, Brisbane usually fall under 3 categories, to include:

  • Production or tract home builders
  • Custom home builders
  • Spec home builders

Understanding the varied functions and expertise of these three major types of house builders, Brisbane enables a new home buyer to get the one suited for his/her taste, budget, and lifestyle.

Spec Home Builders

Spec home builders are speculator builders that purchase a location and construct a house to sell it for a tidy profit. The home built by spec home builders may be a semi-custom or custom home. Make money out of the house construction project is the ultimate goal of spec home builders.

A new home buyer may be able to opt for some of the finishes of the constructed home if he/she buys it during the construction period. However, the spec home builders have the final say when it comes to the floor plan.

Often, spec home constructions are small to medium-built homes that feature a bit of style. It means that a spec home built can either be a decorated and luxurious mansion or a very plain and simple house.

Whatever the type of home built, it still becomes a spec home built when the builder purchases the land to construct a house and sell it at a good price.

Production or Tract Home Builders

Purchasing large plots of land with the intent of dividing it into multiple smaller lots to construct cookie-cutter homes defines production or tract home builders. Generally, tract home builders have model home designs that will be featured on these lots.

Usually, the home construction starts in phases. A second phase starts only when the first phase nears completion and all sold out. New home buyers do not, as a rule, are given a chance to make some changes in this type of home construction. However, there are tract home builders that offer first-time homebuyers options in design and home structure.

Building all types of home construction in large volumes is the expertise brought on by production home builders. Some of the property types constructed by production home builders include townhouses, single-family, and condominiums.

The name of the game with production home builders is to build fast and sell fast. Saving costs on construction are often seen in the types of appliances and hardware cabinets used in production homebuilding.

New home buyers can quickly move into their new homes once paid fully. The only drawback is the identical look of the constructed homes, hence the term “cookie-cutter” homes.

Custom Home Builders

Built to homeowner’s specifications and preference is the expertise offered by custom home builders. House buyers who want a one-of-a-kind home find their perfect match with custom home builders.

Custom home builders give flexibility and customisation opportunities for a homeowner. Building a dream house becomes a reality with custom home builders. However, this type of home customisation also comes at a steep price. Yet, the investment is worth every penny with the high-quality work and materials used on the home build.

The budget is the bottom line when it comes to the choice of house builders in Brisbane.


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