Increasing sustainability of commercial air conditioners in the Gold Coast

Commercial air conditioning in Gold Coast uses the highest amount of energy. Space cooling accounts for almost 15% of the electricity bill in commercial buildings. Often the amount of energy which is required to cool the whole building is also lost due to a variety of factors. This loss of energy increases the carbon footprint and also increases the utility bills as well.

 Is there any way that commercial air conditioning can become more sustainable? The following are some ways of ensuring that sustainability.

Make sure you regularly change the HVAC filters

When the filters become dirty the whole unit has to work twice as hard and therefore consumes a great deal more energy. The dirt in the filters block the air flow. Since the air is blocked the system has to work twice as hard to provide efficient cooling. It is important to clean and maintain the filters on a quarterly basis. In commercial buildings the unit is used most of the time and therefore the filters need to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis.

Switching or cleaning dirty filters can reduce energy wastage by almost 10%. This when added up to a yearly utility bill can become a significant figure.

Invest in programmable thermostats

The use of programmable thermostats can greatly reduce energy wastage in a commercial building. The programmable thermostats allow the temperature setting to remain constant throughout the building yet at the same time provide efficient cooling. The temperature of the air-conditioning system can be made to run at a higher and lower setting based on the seasons. During the time the building is not in use especially during closing hours the thermostats goes on stand by and thus can help save thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. This results in good return on investments as well.

These thermostats are available in seven day mode and also in five plus two day mode. Choose one which is best suited for the building. The managers simply have to choose a program which would work well with their business model.

Invest in regular maintenance of the air conditioning system

In order to make sure that the cooling unit works well it’s important to get it serviced on a regular basis. The major reason why one should consider maintenance is because it helps rule out instances of faulty cooling and substandard performance issues. When regular maintenance is carried out it can lower the energy wastage by almost 40%. However, in order to ensure this you need to find the right technicians like the commercial air conditioning by Hinterland Air.

Make sure that the cooling ducts are sealed properly

Sealing the cooling duct can improve efficiency by 20%. In order to maximize the efficiency make sure that you find a technician who has the proper experience of sealing off the ducts. When the ducts are sealed off the next step is to ensure their proper insulation.

All of the above mentioned steps can greatly improve the sustainability of a commercial air conditioning unit.


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