Benefits of Timber Floor Sanding Brisbane

An enviable and amazing feature of any home is hardwood floors. The entire room is instantly elevated with the timber floors’ touch of warmth and luxury.

Perhaps the most common thing homeowners often hear is to have their hardwood floors refinished to make them shine like new. In Brisbane, would timber floor sanding from MJS Floorsanding become a necessity or an expense that is not really needed?

One undeniable fact is that wear and tear naturally happen to timber floors over the years. Aged floors, even the sturdiest ones, need some extra care and sanding them is one of the best ways to make them beautiful again.

Sanding your hardwood floors brings a lot of benefits, to include:

Aesthetic value

Hardwood floors are valued because of their beauty and sturdiness. However, they can become gritty and old over the years. Making the floors look like the first time they were built is by sanding them.  Nothing brings more aesthetic appeal to a home than good-looking shiny floors.

Increase the value of your property

Having the hardwood floors of your home sanded and polished to a shiny finish instantly increases its value. Beautifully-sanded timber floors always attract prospective homebuyers to a property like no other.

Safe floors

Floors can splinter and crack as they age. Sanding them prevents untoward accidents to happen to family members, kids, and pets as they walk in bare feet or socks across the floor.

Strengthen floors

Wear and tear over the years can make the surfaces of your hard floors uneven as well as create gaps between planks. Sanding the floors removes wood splints and closes the gaps between planks. The floors even and levels out when their surfaces are sanded. Sanding also tightens loose nails between and over the wood planks.

Easy to clean floors

Specks of dust are not likely to collect with finished floors. It is so easy to maintain a well-sanded and finished floor. All it needs is a quick swipe of the mop and a sweep once in a while to keep the floors debris-free and look gorgeous all the time.


Holes and crevices happen to even the sturdiest floors over time. Leaving your floor like this is like issuing an open invitation for pests such as termites and other types of insects. Sanding and polishing old floors eliminates the holes and crevices to discourage insects from burrowing and breeding in them.

Low maintenance

Most homeowners mistakenly believe that hardwood floors are hard to maintain. This is probably the reason for some homeowners to install wall-to-wall carpets in their homes.

Contrary to common belief, carpets are harder to maintain than hardwood floors. Not only do carpets need weekly vacuuming, staining and spilling on them need the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.

Beautifully sanded hardwood floors, on the other hand, only needs a quick sweep and swipe to make them dirt-free and shiny.

Sanding as a DIY project

DIY jobs around the house have become the norm nowadays as more and more homeowners become adept and skilful. Sanding your wooden floors can be a DIY project if you feel competent to meet the challenge. It is also less expensive to do the sanding yourself.

The right knowledge and equipment are the things needed to handle a multi-process job of sanding the floor. If you’re unsure how to do it, a professional floor sander will save you time, money, and headaches.


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