All that you wanted to know about sparkling water taps for homes

You may have definitely seen baristas serving sparkling water with all your espressos. While at the time it may be given to cleanse your palate, however it is a refreshing drink on its own as well. Imagine having your own sparkling water at home wherever and whenever you want it. You’d also be able to impress your guests by providing them with seltzer water. It is also refreshing enough to cool you down on a hot summer day. Reaching for the glass of carbonated drinks and adding unnecessary sugar to your body is not good. However, a glass of sparkling water to take the edge off the heat is way healthier.

The following is information on how sparkling water taps for home work

How sparkling water taps work?

The sparkling water taps work with the help of carbon dioxide canisters. Canisters comprise of a high-pressure carbon dioxide gas.

  • Initially the water passes through a filter. These filters comprise of activated carbon.
  • These filters are small in size and therefore prevent the nasty parasites from entering your water.
  • Once the water passes through the filter it becomes carbonated.

Different kinds of sparkling water systems available for homes

There are different kinds of water dispensing systems. These comprise of units including temperature controls, safety switches, water filters and carbon dioxide canisters. The sparkling water system can be combined in boiling water taps, chilling taps and sparkling taps. This can be integrated with the regular hot and cold water tap as well.

  •  Some sparkling water taps work through a touch sensitive control system. You can use different sensors to get boiled, chilled or sparkling water.
  • You can also make use of the lever systems to aerate the water through the carbon canisters.

The types come in a variety of finishes and designs. You have the option of choosing chrome taps, matte taps or even completely matte black taps. There are enough choices out there which allow homeowners to find the perfect filtration system for their homes.

Maintaining your sparkling water taps for homes

In case if you ever run out of sparkling water you simply need to replace the carbon dioxide canister. All you need to do is turn the carbon dioxide regulator of and remove the used bottle. Replace it with a new bottle and re connect to the regulator.

It should be kept in mind that the taps for sparkling water need to be updated on a regular basis. Be sure to partner with Stream Water sparking tap solutions to ensure regular maintenance if you want your sparkling water tap to stay in mint condition.

Health concerns regarding sparkling water

There is a common misconception that drinking sparkling water can have an adverse effect on the health. However this is not the case. In fact drinking sparkling water has its own set of advantages.

The filtration system present in the sparkling water can prevent the harmful bacteria from getting into your drinking water. It still allows minerals to pass through. Drinking sparkling water can help get rid of stomach pain, provide hydration and also counteract cardiovascular disease.


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